Dear Friends, Customers, and Clients of Sun Plans,

Spring has rapidly turned into Summer. The peak of our business seems to be following the peak of the sun above the horizon. Our working hours seem to be increasing along with the daylight hours. If only the amount of hours in the day would increase proportionately!

We have placed a temporary delay on accepting new custom work. We plan for this to change in September. This does not mean that you should put planning a new home on hold. Much can be done to prepare for the design process.

Accordingly, our slowest season is around the Winter Solstice on December 21st. So now is a great time for you to plan ahead for starting construction in 2009. This is true even if you plan on purchasing a pre-designed plan as that too takes time. In fact, our customers and clients who have the most enjoyable time building start construction about 2 to 6 months after receiving the plans – whether custom or pre-designed.

We thank you for your patience (which is a necessary virtue during design and construction) and planning ahead! Curious about our web site?

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