Plan on selecting your plan or completing your custom design about 2-6 months prior to the start of construction. This allows time for selecting materials, products, builders, home energy raters, structural engineers, etc.Interview general contractors for their experience with energy-efficient residential construction. Ones with formal training in high-performance home construction and/or are Home Energy Raters are good choices. In fact, choosing a home energy rater early is a great first step since they can be the best leads for builders as well as insulation and HVAC subs.

Steve, who sent us the photo of his Adirondack Atrium house (to the right), has been planning and building for well over a year and still seems to be sane despite running his own business!

If your local design professional will be making changes to the plan from our CAD files or Erasable Vellums, allow time for them to provide their services which might average 2 months.