We love to hear from clients and customers once you start construction. Thanks Mark and Mary for the update on the Fernwood house design. The photo shows how interior scissors trusses look with the bottom chord sloped to create a slight vault.

Sun Plans designs trusses with a raised heel to allow for full insulation to go up against the outside wall. This minimizes thermal breaks. The “wart” that Marks refers to below is the truss company overlooking the raised heel requirement.

“… Our passive solar home project is steaming along and Mary or I visit it twice weekly as it is 105 miles from where we live now….Mary and I have made some changes to suit our needs….The home is on a challenging piece of (property). We will have to do extensive work to channel ground water away, build a retaining wall, fix our driveway…all due to the clay soil conditions….From the beginning I (Mike) intended these albums to convey the process of building a custom home from the home owners’ perspective. I wanted to show the joys and frustrations, ‘warts’ and all, so to speak. Well, this episode has some ‘warts’…or one big wart in any case. Fortunately, we have resolved the issue to our satisfaction.”

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