Thanks to Paula from Ohio for the photos & comments on their Atrium (45 degree home) reversed with the screened porch on the southeast, and Hydronic radiant floor heating.

“You’ve asked about the comfort level of the house. I didn’t feel I could answer knowledgeably until after I lived in my glass house through the winter. Well, it was 12 degrees last night. (Dec 2008)

The comfort of the house is astonishing. With the large amount of thermal mass and the radiant heat, any temperature change is so gradual that it is subsequently unnoticeable. In our former home, you were warm when the furnace was running and cold after it shut off. In our new home we’re always warm and never even aware of which parts of the heating system are running…

The best part is, instead of always wanting to curling up under a blanket you walk around barefoot.

We also enjoy living in a house “warmed and brightened by the sun.” The benefits include sitting in the sun enjoying a good book, seeing a beautiful sunrise as you’re getting ready for work, cooking with fresh herbs gathered from the sunroom and saving money by heating with the sun. And while the sun doesn’t shine everyday in Ohio, there is a good deal to be said for being able to see outdoors even when you don’t want to be outdoors. Even on a grey winter day, the house is an open, comfortable space with plenty of natural light.

While we moved in on July 25th, the house was not completed until August 16th… Once we moved in, we could open up the house at night – three of the atrium windows are operational and have electric motors installed – and then close the house back up before the heat of the day or before leaving for work. So far this… home has not only been more comfortable to live in, it has also been less expensive to operate than our previous home of 1,700 sq. feet.”
See more photos and drawings about the Atrium.