3-20-09-se-3We thank the Sun Plans Homeowners for their overwhelming response to our recent Customer Service Inquiries. While some have had only a moment to send one or two construction photos, others have sent pages of comments! We use this information to continuously adapt our services and to share some the comments and photos with others.

See below for some selected comments and photos.

We do regularly ask homeowners to share photos, but stop short of begging as we certainly know the value of time which is always short during construction and even several years after. Also, it is common for clients to deny sending photos until they are happy with the look of their home both inside and out with the landscaping matured and the inside woodwork completed. And after all, they did try to save money by doing some of the work themselves, so it can be years before they are finished! (The same reasons are often give when we ask permission for a prospective customer to visit a home and our client’s privacy does take the highest priority.)

Please visit our updated photo page!