We were happy to receive this comment from Lisa about her Heartland home in Missouri.

3-20-09-se-4a“I wanted to let you know how much we like our house. We built Heartland this year and moved in on Christmas day.
As I write this, our thermostat is set on 68, but it is 75 degrees in the house. The high today was 42, and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. The sun set almost 4 hours ago and now it’s 25 outside. Inside, I’m comfortable in yoga pants and a tank top. I’m barefooted, because the tile floor is still toasty warm from the sun. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets during the day, if the sun is out, the furnace doesn’t come on. On sunny days, it’s always summer in here!
We’re using a zoned geothermal heat pump, and that, combined with the passive solar, make this a very comfortable house. It’s bright and open and sunny and warm. Even on cloudy days it’s quite nice, with the big windows and the serious insulation. This house just feels good.”

3-20-09-se-4bMaria who built the Roseburg Cottage 2 in West Virginia writes,
“The passive solar design is WONDERFUL and we are finding many days during the recent cold snap that our heat did not come on.”

Delton who built the Islander 6 in South Dakota writes,
“Debbie was great to work with and we really like the house, on any sunny day above 0 degrees the house gets to about 73-75 degrees and will hold a 68 degree temp till after midnight. Not bad seeing as how we lose sunlight in the windows by 4 PM”

3-20-09-se-4cDale who built the Equinox 3 in Colorado writes,
“We are thrilled with the design and plans, and we love the house. It is very bright, and the passive solar design works beautifully. In summer 2008 we received the city of Lakewood’s Sustainability Award.”

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