3-20-09-se-5We are excited to announce the addition of three new plans to our web site: the Dakota Cottage, the French Cowgirl, and Ryan’s Retreat.

Thank you Rod & Charlotte, Conni and Craig, and Bruce, LeeAnn & Ryan for allowing us to create these custom homes for you.  (Congratulations to Bruce and LeeAnn who were married in the house while it was under construction. We assume this meant they were enjoying the building process!)

On our house plan list page, we rate the complexity of each house to build. While this is certainly subjective, as a rule you can increase construction costs about 5-10% from simple to average, and then again 5-10% from average to complex. So while some people still love the more complex plans with atriums and other unique features, in today’s economy we find clients asking more for the simpler to construct plans, or at least looking at the homes with a smaller footprint if they want many unique features also.

The three new plans all come with the “simple” rating of construction.

The 3D image is of the French Cowgirl. We now offer several levels of 3D services for all of our Custom Design as well as Custom Changes. Clients who have trouble visualizing love these services that start as low as $300 for a simple exterior. Over the next few months, look for some new 3D products to be added to our shopping cart.

Visit our house plan list page to see all of our designs.