In our last email newsletter we mentioned the fact that we often Work in the Clouds.

Well, we feel it only appropriate to mention that the astronauts at the international space station are now Working 100% in the Sun since the last 2 solar wings have just become operational. In orbit, the panels receive 1.5KWh/square meter – that’s per hour. Down here on the earth’s surface, the middle latitudes still receive roughly about half of that energy or about .75KWh/square meter For an average of 6 hours per day that equals about 4.5KWh per day. Your local active solar consultant (try can help you work out the details for your lifestyle, budget, and local incentives described at

(“Working in the Clouds” is a phrase we recently heard while attending a Google web-based seminar. Since over 90% of our custom design work is done with homeowners that we never meet face-to-face, it seems to adequately describe our email, computer-based services that allow the client to respond to our designs at their convenience. Of course some find that there is also a place for face to face meetings and phone calls. We tailor the process to each client’s design style.)

See how much sun would hit solar panels in your area of the US.