6-21-09-ss-3-aBuilding in Central NC around Pittsboro, Hillsborough, or Chapel Hill? You need to contact Anchorage Builders. They have built several of our homes (see featured home above) and continue to delight our customers in terms of proven low energy homes, professionalism, attention to detail, knowledge of green and energy construction methods as well as the ability to listen. Our clients have described them as “just really nice guys!”

As an architectural design firm that specializes in designing low-energy homes, we are concerned about our clients taking our/their plans to a builder that has little experience and training in energy efficiency. If a home owner is not so fortunate as to find a builder trained in energy-efficient construction (this is more the norm rather than the exception), then it is critical to the home’s performance to hire a Home Energy Rater as a third party and to request an Energy Star Certified Home. Raters not only oversee conformance to building sealing, right insulation, and good HVAC design, but perform testing prior to the house being finished to see if anything needs to be corrected.

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