Thanks to homeowners, Mark & Valerie, we have some wonderful photos of the newly constructed Brighton Bungalow! It is spacious, with a delightful, modest appeal. The quaint, angled entry porch makes for inviting drive approaches from the south.

As do most SunPlans homeowners, they customized the home for their land and personal preferences. The plan is reversed with the entry on the southwest corner. The open staircase and nearby hearth are the primary interior design features which were tweaked to their liking.

They started the process of prepping the land and designing the house about 4 years ago. Mark explains the process, “While researching ideas for the for style for our house, I found your website and one of your plans, the Brighton Bungalow, struck a cord with my wife and I. We’ve always loved the timeless simplicity of the craftsman style, the coziness of bedrooms tucked into the roof, and the character of the porches…. but found we’d need to alter it…and redesigning the floor plan to fit our family’s casual lifestyle. Our house ended up a hair over 2500sq.ft., not including the basement where I have a finished office. Unfortunately, due to downsizing and the grade of our lot, we couldn’t use the double front stairs of your design which were so charming.”

And they explained some of the particular items they used:
“The house uses 6″ core Nudura ICF for the basement, 6-1/2″ SIPs for the main floor, and injected, dense-pack cellulose along with some blow-in cellulose for the roof and garage.

The main sub-floor is a stepped down for the entire south half of the house, supporting 2″ of gypcrete surfaced with tile for thermal mass. 98% Trane natural gas furnace and Rheem High efficiency hot water. All lighting is either T5 or CFL.

The home received a Energy Star 5+ with a HERS score of 50 (an excellent score)! The owners had to do extensive research on LoE glass coatings and had numerous discussions with engineers at both Cardinal IG and Pella to get a windows with glazing units that have both a low-U-factor and a high SHGC.

Standard coating for northern climates are no different than those for every other climate – a shortfall in the energy star rating system. We were able to special order windows with a coating used by Pella’s commercial division which yielded the desired results.”

The Energy Star rating of 50 is on a scale of 100 so you can see that they are saving approximately 50% compared to a standard code-built home in their area.