Longleaf Atrium

First Floor 2415 s.f.
Second Floor 847 s.f.
Total 3262 s.f.
Porches 526 s.f.
Garage & Carport 960 s.f.
Width 69’ + Garage & Carport
Depth 56’
7% South Glass

The Longleaf Atrium is largely based on our popular Garden Atrium home, with its raised atrium to allow light to penetrate the center of the home. Unlike the Garden Atrium, the Longleaf Atrium has a simpler roof line that saves on construction costs. The northwest-facing front porch has room for large rocking chairs from which to view the late summer sun. The cozy sunroom found in the southern corner provides ample warmth or refreshing coolness throughout the year. (Our client commissioned us to provide 3d for this house design so be sure to look at the images under the photo drop down box for this design.)

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