GNB Builders in British Columbia Canada made some delightful one-story changes to our Equinox Homestead design.

“GNB Builders is proud to have achieved Built Green Platinum…. GNB Builder’s clients were very progressive in their homes design and building practices to allow for a very energy efficient and healthy home. This home is prepped to go off the grid.

* Energuide rating is 84 with 160 Built Green Points = Platinum
* Estimated annual cost for heating, hot water, lighting, appliances $1200

Key Features of this Platinum Built Green Home in the moderate climate of British Columbia, Canada include:

* Passive Solar Design – facing true south
* Milgard Fiberglass windows – highly efficient
* Increased insulation, R22 in walls (instead of R20) and R48 in the ceiling (instead of R40)
* Thermo insulated mass floor with Rigid insulation – R 7.5
* Geothermal radiant in-floor heating and cooling – Water to water geoExchange Heat Pump
* Electronic air cleaner with Electronically Commutated Motor
* 50 year Metal roof
* Rain water collection system with a 1600 Litre water cistern
* Smart framing practices with engineered products
* Recycled products throughout home
* Reclaimed wood floors and mantle
* No VOC Benjamin Moore paint
* Cement shake board for low maintenance and longevity
* Light fixtures all using LED or CFLs
* Dual low flush toilets
* Prepped for [Active] Solar”

Click here to watch the movie – it takes about 3 minutes to download.