Conni and Craig looked through house plan after house plan. Being outdoor people and having three children on the downhill side of growing up, they sensibly realized that they only needed a small home. Unfortunately, there was not a small enough plan on the Sun Plan’s Web to meet their needs and their budget. They could have “settled for” the relatively small first floor of Fernwood with its 1484 s.f., but instead chose to Create-A-SunPlan. They saved over 300 s.f. with a custom design. That was almost $50,000 worth of first floor and daylight basement square feet. The Sun Plan’s design fee was less than 20% of that which saved them over $40,000. That sums up one of our primary goals with custom design – to save you money in construction costs.

In addition to the quote from their letter, Conni also shared:

“We’ve been in the house since Sept. 27th and we LOVE it! It has performed amazingly well. We’ve had an exceptionally cold winter and it’s so nice to come home to a cozy, warm house – often over 70 degrees Fahrenheit – when it’s been below zero all day (and the heat is free!) After working on this house, our heating guy is sold on passive solar and highly recommends it to others. We’re comfortable when just the 2 of us are home, yet the house handles crowds well too (30+ for a 4-H mtg/lunch, 16 for Thanksgiving, etc.) There was never a “breaking-in” stage; this house immediately felt like home.”

Needless to say, these kinds of letters make our day!

See the floor plans of the French Cowgirl.