Spring into Green!
We want to thank you for your interest and support of our continuous efforts to stay green and create home designs that take advantage of the sun’s free heat and light.

How will you welcome Spring into your life this year? Watching the sun rise exactly due east? Watching the sun set due west? Or feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin while you are inside a sunny room in your house? Are you still dreaming about how to begin (or continue) the process of creating a sun-inspired home? If so, we hope that you will let us help!

In this e-newsletter, you will find information regarding:
– Sun Plan’s Blueprint Clunker Trade In Program (including a new outlook on Daylight Basements)
– A Note from a New Sun Plan’s Home Owner
– Options for Create-A-SunPlan and Adapt-A-SunPlan 3D services
– Northern Sun Case Study & Using our CAD Files
– A Peak at the Soon-to-be-Released New Sun Plans Web site
– Notice of Price Increases in April