Although spring is green, there may be a lack of green in many pocketbooks with the economic downturn. Clients are returning to us for smaller home designs. Some have found that the house plan they had purchased from us was really too large for not only their wallet, but also their lifestyle. After careful consideration, they decided some spaces were not needed.

Sun Plans now has a clunker program where you can trade in your previously purchased Blueprints or CAD Files for a smaller house plan for an exchange fee. When asked which are our most energy-efficient house plans, we continue to give the same answer: “The smallest!”

One customer’s e-mail reminded us of the need to point out how daylight basements can be the MOST energy efficient spaces. We appreciate our customers’ attention to detail, especially when they find the occasional mistake in our book or drawings. (It’s hard to admit not being perfect!) In our book, page 65, the first page of Chapter 6 on Tips for Browsing Sun-Inspired House Plans should read:

“If land slopes to allow for south windows in a daylight basement, south basement rooms can be sunny. The north areas can be partially earth-bermed. This can be the LEAST costly and MOST energy efficient location for secondary living areas and bedrooms.”

Both the Fernwood (photos shown above) and the French Cowgirl (photo shown below) are good examples of utilizing a daylight basement. (Thanks Mike and Mary, Conni and Craig for sharing your photos!)

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