Read About Us as well as how to get permission to copy our designs legally.


The Favorites feature allows you to bookmark plans for future reference and easily email them to your friends and family for a second opinion. Once you have selected a plan as a ‘Favorite,’ it is added to a list that will be viewable every time you click the Favorites. The first time you need only enter your email address. You can even have more than one Favorites account by entering another email address.

Contact Us

The Contact Us form is an efficient way of letting us know your questions and concerns without having to take the time to email us. The form has selection fields such as whether or not it is your first time contacting us, whether you’re a builder, when you plan to build, etc. to make communication with Customer Service easier and more customized to your specific needs.


Since there have been inquiries as how to copy the designs from the Sun Plans web site to create a similar home, some options for going about this legally are now addressed under Copyright.