We welcome the opportunity to assist you with sun-inspired services and/or house plans.  Tracy helps with most construction drawings.

There are many choices for Consulting Services from helping with plan selection, starting a custom design, to code-required Manual J calculations if the local heating and air contractor cannot provide them for you. If you can suggest other services that would help you in the planning process and than could be offered as an additional Consulting Service, please let us hear from you!

As always, we continuously modify our services based on the feedback of our past and future home owners.

Enjoy Memorial Day as we give thanks to those who have served us and as we give hope to a reduced need for fighting for our energy independence by conserving energy and utilizing the energy from the sun.

Look for our Summer E-newsletter next where we plan to feature a completed home and perhaps a few new designs.
(Sometimes, with a previous request from the home owner, we do not post their house plan to our website until they have finished construction since although they do not mind if we market and sell the design to others, they want to be the first to build it!)

Sun Plans Inc.
Debra Coleman, Architect, AIA
Author of
The Sun-Inspired House:
house designs warmed and brightened by the sun

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Sun-Inspired Design: the gold lining of green building

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