Taking the first steps towards constructing a new home (which may be one of the largest and most costly endeavors of a life-time) can be hard.  It’s only natural to be reluctant to make a commitment to something full of unknowns and that costs a lot of money.

I know because I’ve seen this reluctance with home owners during over 20 years of designing passive solar homes. But it is because of this experience combined with my passion for creating comfortable sun-inspired that I ask you to take “a leap of faith” with creating a Sun Plan and to trust that I truly do have your best interests at heart.  Not only does the architectural professional code of ethics require me to do so, but I have an extreme desire to please and not disappoint those who have trusted me with the creation of their home.

Although I try to run Sun Plans as a successful business and to provide the absolute best value for you by keeping our design fees to no more than half of what you would pay a realtor if you were purchasing an existing home instead, the ultimate reward is not in terms of money. This past weekend I was reminded of that.  While attending an out of town baseball game for our son, we had the fortunate event of being near sun-inspired home owners Henry, Terrie and (and their dog Truman) who had just moved in. Sitting with them in their sunny living room, looking through layers of light-filled spaces and seeing the content on their faces was priceless.

And since we have never received a complaint about our custom services, but have received many compliments about the design process and the finished home, we’d like to encourage you to take “a leap of faith” to begin the sun-inspired process of creating a new design if you have more than 6 months prior to starting construction.  I am sure you will not be disappointed!

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