Although it’s terribly hot outside, owners of sun-inspired houses are staying cool – even in areas with really hot summers! Below, we share some comments from our really cool home owners!

Did you know that many of the sun-inspired design guidelines for letting in the winter sun, also keeps out the summer sun?

Through Feedback found on our web site footer, a visitor asked if we could designate which plans worked best in hot or cold climates.  With the Custom Energy Specs that Sun Plans provides with orders of Construction Prints or CAD Files, it’s much easier than you might think to adapt a sun-inspired home to your climate.  Read our response to her question in FAQ’s under the Solar and Energy section.

This Summer Solstice E-newsletter includes:

  • A summary of services that come with Sun Plans
  • The featured home, Chapel Ridge
  • Budgeting for a Sun Plan
  • “We’ve moved in!” Comments from new Sun Plans owners
  • A note about working with our CAD Files
  • New Sun Plans added to our website
  • Summer Specials: Free PDF’s to make unlimited copies and blueprints
  • Message from the architect – “A Leap of Faith”

We hope that you enjoy our long newsletter full of information as much as you do these long summer days full of sunlight.