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French Cowgirl 2
First Floor 1320 s.f.
Tower 180 s.f.
Total 1500 s.f.
Daylight Basement 1320 s.f.
Porches 388 s.f.
Garage 720 s.f.
Width 60’
Depth 64’
12% South Glass

The small footprint French Cowgirl 2 was adapted for our Canadian clients in a cold climate. Michael and Corrine wanted to have thicker exterior walls and slightly larger rooms. The extra thermal mass in the ICF (insulated concrete form) walls keeps the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Nine foot ceilings allow for more south glass. Custom built-ins including the seating/sleeping areas for the fun tower (with 360º views) are space saving strategies that make this small home feel large. Quantity of square footage is traded for quality of square footage.

Cozy Solstice

First Floor 1684 s.f.
Second Floor 741 s.f.
Total 2425 s.f.
Garage 853 s.f.
Porches 32 s.f.
Width 78’
9% South Glass

The Cozy Solstice is partially earth-bermed with part of the first floor nestled snuggly into land that gently rises to the north. The narrower width reduces the cost of construction and operation with lower energy bills. The exterior is a blend of stone which creates the illusion of truly blending with the earth, but with smooth finish accents on the parts not touching the ground. The metal roof completes the fire-resistant exterior, but as with all Sun Plans, the exterior materials can easily be changed. We reduced the Solstice 2 plan for Darren and Cathy (cold climate) by making the house much narrower and to save about $30,000 in construction costs.

Dream Horse
First Floor 3184 s.f.
Porches 736 s.f.
Garage 896 s.f.
Opt. Carport 672 s.f.
Opt. Basement 546 s.f.
Width 84’ + Carport
Depth 82’
9% South Glass

The Dream Horse was born when Janet and Bill, a horse-loving couple, decided to create their dream home in a moderate climate. Doors and windows have been carefully placed to take advantage of the winter sun, balanced daylight and other views. The east-facing front porch and breakfast nook capture sunrises while the private master patio and bath capture the sunsets. Creating a central courtyard allows for more south glass than would normally be possible in larger one-story plans that can have dark inner spaces if they are not sun-inspired. The north wing of the home can be closed off for privacy or energy-savings.

Islander 9

First Floor 1954 s.f.
Unfinished Basement 1740 s.f.
Porches 880 s.f.
Garage 842 s.f.
Width 74’
Depth 74’
10% South Glass

The Islander 9 boasts the ample east and west porches of many of the other Islanders, but this one has the wrap continue around to the north for those who desire extra outdoor living space or just like the look of the full wrap porch. With the front door tucked into the northeast corner, the house is inviting with drives from both the north and west. Extra windows to the east capture the rising sun.  We added the basement for our client John who lives in an area where building without a basement is almost unheard.  There can be concerns that resale value can be affected. He desired a large workshop below though too.  (Many areas are still unaware of the cost and energy benefits of building on a concrete slab foundation especially for homes that have  large garage or large attic to store items that do not need to take up valuable heated or cooled spaces.)

Northern Lights 4

First Floor 2447 s.f.
Porches543 s.f.
Garage 890 s.f.
Width 73’
Depth 73’
8% South Glass

Kerry and Cheryl wanted a home that blended with their rugged, cold climate mountains. Northern Lights 4 is an updated, rustic, high mass version of the original Northern Lights Sun Plan with its long-time proven energy performance. Timber columns, a front porch timber truss and wood lintels add western touches. Stacked stone blends the home to the land while the simple and practical stucco–type coating is a natural and inexpensive siding for the ICF walls behind. The wrap-around front porch on the cool northeast side works especially well for those who enjoy shady summer evenings outside, but reversing the home would be recommended for those who preferred sunset viewing.

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