We welcome the opportunity to assist you with the first steps towards living in a new sun-inspired home – the planning process! If you find that our services currently listed do not fit your needs, feel free to get in touch with us through our Contact Us.  As always, we continuously modify our services based on the feedback of our past and future home owners.

As saddened as we are by the Gulf Oil Spill, we are equally optimistic that it will bring a heightened awareness of our dependence on fossil fuels.  Living in a right-sized sun-inspired home can be one step to passive survivability (see footnote) in the wake of a a natural or man-made disaster even though we continue to be optimistic and hope for a more responsible future.

Sun Plans Inc.
Debra Coleman, Architect, AIA and the Sun Plans Team (including some proof-reading assistance from my 12 year old son who likes recognition!)
Sun-Inspired Design: the gold lining of green building

“Passive Survivability” applies to all locations an is best described by Alex Wilson in this article.