Some have been concerned about purchasing our CAD Files and having someone else make changes to the Sun Plans. While you do want to take care in selecting another design professional as you would with any professional, we have many happy reports for our customers.  The proud owners of our Sun Dance Cottage CAD Files have enjoyed the process of making changes to the plan  with their local design professional AND they have shared some of the results. While it’s impossible for us to notice all the changes to the plans if we do not perform the work, our architect is happy to take a look at the proposed ideas to let you know what she thinks and this is best done prior to beginning the changes.
“The biggest change was probably to incorporate what was an exterior storage on the north side into the building envelope in order to: a) create a mechanical room; and b) provide more kitchen area. We also made some changes in the rear entry and master en suite layout. But I think overall we’ve tried to remain true to the spirit of your original design.”

One of the main reasons for choosing a local design professional over Sun Plans to make changes from our CAD Files would be if you needed the changes performed quicker than the Sun Plans’ schedule would allow.

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