It is still not too late to buy one passive solar Study Plan or Review Set and get another one free.  Most customers seem to study at least two designs before making their final selection for a low-energy home design.

The price paid for Study Plans and Review Sets can be credited to upgrade orders to ANY Sun Plan. This applies to purchases (including our book) made in the past.

If you find it difficult to select between more than two Sun Plans, then you may want to let us help you decide with an in-depth evaluation through House Plan Selection Consulting. The service includes free Study Plans of the recommended plans. After engaging us in this service, Sandy & Marilyn wrote:

Dear Debbie,      Thanks for responding so quickly. We’ve reviewed the plans, looked at many other plans you have and decided that you are the architect and our knowledge is limited in designing houses…when I started looking at everything (what we want, what we think is needed to have a passive solar house,) I realized you have the knowledge, we have just the dream…Thanks again for your input and help!
Sun Plans prides itself in being a company oriented on giving its clients the best service available in home design. Above all, Sun Plans strives to make the process of creating a sun-inspired home (which we know can be a scary undertaking!) as easy and stress-free as possible.

Comments from our Create-A-SunPlan and Adapt-A-SunPlan clients reflect our relationship with our sun-inspired home owners.

With our attentive service, we also offer ways to save money when purchasing passive solar house plan products through our Specials!

Throughout the summer, we’ve provided great additional ways to save with our Summer Specials! However, these opportunities will soon be coming to a close and we encourage you to take advantage of the Specials offered as summer bonuses (detailed below) while they last!