Thanks Steve and Peggy for allowing me to take a personal tour of your home this summer!

Steve and Peggy are representative of the majority of our clients.  While they love showing off their homes to friends and family, and the occasional Create-A-SunPlan client who may live near by, they choose not to place their home on tours and share their contact info with our potential customers.  We have to place high priority on our clients wishes whether it be for an unusual floor plan layout during the design or respecting their privacy after they move in.

Enjoy the fall and maybe a solar tour!
Debbie Coleman, Architect, Sun Plans Inc.

(I apologize if you find this e-newsletter intrusive especially since we just sent one out last week.  We normally don’t send them so often, but to be honest, we forgot to add the important solar tour to our Fall Equinox newsletter. Thanks Green Suttles for pointing out that in our haste to send out the last e-newsletter on the Equinox, we also failed to change the subject from the last Summer Solstice e-newsletter. As always, feedback is welcome!)