The Eco Soleil affordable home developed for a non-profit organization aims for LEED-Homes Platinum and a HERS rating of 35, indicating it should use only 35% of the energy of a code-built home. It has five bedrooms in less than 2000 square feet.  One bedroom and the main living areas are all on the first floor as with most sun-inspired designs.

Sun Plans was commissioned to create this affordable home on an infill lot in a historic neighborhood.  Even with the narrow width, we were able to design a passive solar home with plenty of both south glass and south roof area (for active solar) with a creatively placed garage in back.

See a few more upcoming Sun Plans.
Comment from Debbie:

Concerned that the perfect plan you are looking for is not yet on our website?  While I do not have the time to describe in detail plans that are not yet on our website, if you engage me in any of our Consulting Services for assistance with selecting, adapting or creating a house design, then after I review your appropriate questionnaire in detail, I will be sure to point out IF we already have a design that you may like. And of course I’ll send preliminary drawings of the design for no additional charge similar to what I do when you request any of my consulting services.