Nature's CornerIt’s refreshing to hear about construction success stories during the repressed economic times.  While some clients have decided to put construction on hold, others are building now to take advantage of lower interest rates and prices.

In addition, some are completing the Create-A-SunPlan process a year or more before the start of construction.  When their existing home sells, they will be ready to build.

Sun-inspired home owners are not only conservative when it comes to energy, but equally conservative with their money. They’ve saved a long time for the extra large down payment required when financing a home today. Sun Plans’ affordable architectural design fees (about half that of a realtor’s fee built into purchasing a home) allow for hard earned money to be spent on other features of a home.

How Sun Plans can help save you money

The goal of the sun-inspired design services is to help the home owner save money that exceeds the Sun Plans’ architectural design fee in several ways:

  • A right-sized home can easily save 200 s.f. ($20,000+ in construction costs).
  • A right-shaped sun-inspired home can save 30% on both the heating and cooling bill (thousands of dollars over the life of a home).
  • A well-insulated home with a right-sized HVAC system and built to Energy Star standards can easily save another 30% on energy bills (more savings).
  • Often the heating and cooling loads are so low that thousands can be saved on installing smaller and simpler heating and cooling systems alone.
  • A home built to Passive House standards can save another 30%.
  • A net zero home can result in no or below zero energy use!

(The above list is in order of cost-effectiveness for most locations.)