RISE house Designed with the Create-A-SunPlan process, what will be known as the RISE house on the website is about to begin construction in West Virginia.

Total Energy Cost: $60/month (estimated, all electric with propane for cooking), for more details, see above “Comparing a Sun-Inspired House to a Passive House”

Choosing the smallest living area that comfortably houses the family’s activities is always a good place to start in planning a low energy home.  Every square foot saved in space equates to both initial construction cost savings and long-term energy savings. Sun Plans can assist in sorting through the family’s priorities and requirements. It is possible to balance exterior attractiveness, views of nature, space-saving floor plans, right-sized exterior living spaces and delightful interiors with energy savings!

Sun Plans’ clients have the option of choosing their level of energy standard. For instance, on the RISE home, the owners could choose to meet the Passive House standard by requesting that their builder and the insulation subcontractors be held to a high level of accountability on the air tightness, but achieving that low level of infiltration may be difficult.  Often owners may accept that $17/month is low enough for heating and cooling without taking additional extreme measures.

Sun Plans welcomes the opportunity create a sun-inspired home design for you!

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