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View ideas for creating sunny, bright, low-energy homes in an ad-free, uncluttered setting.

Prairie Dog 3Sun Plans feature bright interiors and energy bills at least 1/3 to 1/2 lower (or more) compared to a new home built to code. The basic concepts of passive solar design are combined with strategies that also keep the home cool in summer and maximize day lighting year-round. With dozens of passive solar house plans and low custom design fees, if there is a reason not to select, adapt or create a sun-inspired home when building a new home, then please let us know!

In this e-newsletter, read about new general features:

  • Open House – tour homes and read home owner comments
  • Favorites – bookmark the house plans that you like best
  • News – access past e-newsletters in one place
  • FAQ – now organized by subject
  • Adapt-A-SunPlan and Create-A-SunPlan introduced
  • Specials & Savings – rewards for past purchases, free book
  • PDF Files – print unlimited copies of the plans
  • Watch a movie clip of the upcoming Sunny Dreams home

And new Select-A-SunPlan features:

  • Sort by every column in the House Plan List
  • See more drawings for each sun-inspired design
  • Download a PDF flier of each house plan
  • Flip each drawing to aid in visualizing a reversed home (of course the south wall stays the side that collect the sun’s free heat)

Already explored the new Sun Plans website?  Hopefully the information below will unveil at least one more feature to make the process of planning a sun-inspired home more efficient and enjoyable.


The links on the upper right are packed with information!

The top of Sun Plans' Web site
Open House

Open House

The Open House section takes some of our best client photos and comments and places them in one easy-to-find spot. Gather ideas for creating your own passive-solar house without leaving your home!

You will find abundant information from the clients regarding their home as well as quality photos that they have provided. Another great feature when touring the Open Houses is that, from each open house, you can be brought directly to the house plan page that inspired the home you’re touring.

Fairy Tale
Click here to view all of the Open Houses for Sun Plans



Read about sun-inspired design, passive solar, green building, costs, and the favorite resources of Sun Plans.



Review the various types of plans for sale – Study Plans, Review Sets, Construction Prints, and CAD Files – as well as information on how to take advantage of the various specials and savings offered including how to obtain a free copy of The Sun-Inspired House.



Review previous Sun Plans’ e-newsletters, subscribe to future ones, and glimpse custom designs we are creating for our clients throughout North America.

Sun Plans Create|Select|Adapt

Custom Design and Custom Changes are now called Create-A-SunPlan and Adapt-A-SunPlan to better separate these two completely different methods of obtaining a Sun Plan. All house plans found on the web site originated from a previous home owner that contracted with us to either adapt an existing or create a new house plan for far less than they would have paid a Realtor to help them purchase a new home.

Sunny DreamsA newly adapted design.Dream Horse

To watch a movie clip if the house on the above left, scroll to the bottom of this Create-A-SunPlan Example page.

Now, by engaging Sun Plans in Create or Adapt projects, you receive Construction PDFs and CAD Files of the final design in addition to the six sets of Construction Prints for no additional charge per our Specials and Savings. That’s at least $500 value! (Unlimited construction prints can be made locally.)

NOTE: The Custom Design and Custom Changes questionnaires that assist with gathering information to adapt or create a sun-inspired home are also in the process of being updated to fit current standards and practices, but if you already have an older questionnaire, it may still be used to gather necessary information to send in for creating or adapting a Sun Plan.

Read About Us as well as how to get permission to copy our designs legally.


The Favorites feature allows you to bookmark plans for future reference and easily email them to your friends and family for a second opinion. Once you have selected a plan as a ‘Favorite,’ it is added to a list that will be viewable every time you click the Favorites. The first time you need only enter your email address. You can even have more than one Favorites account by entering another email address.

Contact Us

The Contact Us form is an efficient way of letting us know your questions and concerns without having to take the time to email us. The form has selection fields such as whether or not it is your first time contacting us, whether you’re a builder, when you plan to build, etc. to make communication with Customer Service easier and more customized to your specific needs.


Since there have been inquiries as how to copy the designs from the Sun Plans web site to create a similar home, some options for going about this legally are now addressed under Copyright.

To quickly review what is included with Study Plans, Review Sets, Construction Prints, CAD Files and Mirror Reverse, these product descriptions are now cross-linked at the top of the Online Store.

Upgrade to PDF
To easily upgrade to the popular request for PDF files where it is possible to print unlimited copies of Study Plans, Review Sets and Construction Prints, an item appears at the top of the Online Store.

After a plan is added to the shopping basket, you can select Upgrade to PDF and have it sent by email rather than wait for it to be shipped by ground. (Construction Print orders still need additional time to prepare the Custom Energy Specs.)

Free Book
With any purchase, a free copy of The Sun-Inspired House may be requested by replying to the email received following the order.

Already bought the book from Sun Plans? The price is discountable toward future purchases of Consulting or Sun Plans!

Past purchases can be credited when upgrading

Since we like to reward those who plan ahead by reading, studying, and reviewing the details of drawings, you can deduct the costs of the book, Study Plan and Review Set when upgrading to a Review Set, Construction Prints, or CAD Files – even if you change to another Sun Plan.  Read details about our Specials and Savings!

Split the Difference
Have an order form from an earlier purchase from Sun Plans within the last five years?  Send us a copy and we’ll credit half of the price difference between the earlier and current price on the website when you order Construction Prints or CAD Files.

We welcome the opportunity to assist you with sun-inspired services and/or house plans.  Tracy helps with most construction drawings.

There are many choices for Consulting Services from helping with plan selection, starting a custom design, to code-required Manual J calculations if the local heating and air contractor cannot provide them for you. If you can suggest other services that would help you in the planning process and than could be offered as an additional Consulting Service, please let us hear from you!

As always, we continuously modify our services based on the feedback of our past and future home owners.

Enjoy Memorial Day as we give thanks to those who have served us and as we give hope to a reduced need for fighting for our energy independence by conserving energy and utilizing the energy from the sun.

Look for our Summer E-newsletter next where we plan to feature a completed home and perhaps a few new designs.
(Sometimes, with a previous request from the home owner, we do not post their house plan to our website until they have finished construction since although they do not mind if we market and sell the design to others, they want to be the first to build it!)

Sun Plans Inc.
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Author of
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