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Sun Plans” Construction Prints and CAD Files come standard with services that are hard to find from other house plan firms selling pre-designed plans. Services include:

  • Custom Energy Specs, prepared by our architect and tailored to your climate.
  • Technical support and consulting from our architect, who knows each plan intimately.
  • For CAD files, consulting with the home owner or their design professional on the energy, structural and design implications of your proposed changes

Want Sun Plans to create or adapt a Sun Plan just for you?  See our web site for more about Create-A-SunPlan or Adapt-A-SunPlan. Our architect strives  to give each client the best service possible to have them in their passive solar dream home.

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When you Select-A-SunPlan, Adapt-A-SunPlan or Create-A-SunPlan, did you know that you can receive much more than the word “plan” implies? The amount and type of service varies with each type of plan product and is tailored to fit your concerns.

In addition to the printed plans or electronic PDF files, you can receive assistance directly from the architect.

Study Plan – In addition to the Study Plan, receive The Sun-Inspired House (256 pages) which is full of information about general sun-inspired construction and answers to questions that others have asked us over the years. Receive email clarifications from the architect regarding information presented in the book and how it relates to the the Study Plan you are considering.

Review Set – In addition to the Study Plan and Review Set, receive answers from our architect to questions that you have about the plan. Also included are general comments on ideas that you may have about possible changes.

Construction Prints – In addition to the large drawings, receive Custom Energy Specs prepared by our architect who designed the home. The specs are based on the combination of the climate where the house will be constructed AND the particulars of each Sun Plan since each design is different. Our architect presents tailored options for the energy features based on your stated energy goals whether Energy Star, Passiv Haus standards, Net-Zero Energy or anywhere in-between. She also provides clarifications with your builder before and during construction regarding the Plans and Specs.

CAD Files – In addition to the CAD Files, associated documents and Custom Energy Specs, you can receive consulting between our architect and your design professional making the changes regarding the energy implications of the proposed changes that you have requested.

(As with any professional service and well-run business, the amount of consulting may be limited and relates to the price of the product purchased.)

Read more about the various types of drawings available and download examples

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