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We have not increased our prices in about two years (or some items it’s been much longer than that) ,but we will be doing so shortly – but not before April 15th!

Our book will be priced the same. We will continue to credit the price paid for a Construction Review Set ordered in the past (or future) when an order is placed for Blueprints or CAD Files.

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While we have no coupon to clip, for Construction Review Set orders placed through our shopping cart, we will credit your credit card $50 after the order is placed if you agree to PDF delivery only. You may then print your own 11×17 sets of drawings. This is in effect through August 16.

6-21-09-ss-6To verify that you will accept the PDF only version (instead of the 11×17 printed version), you will need to reply to the automatic email that you receive after you place the order. If you still want the printed set, we can of course still mail them to you, but no credit will be issued.

If you are upgrading from a previous Study Plan purchase, you can receive a further discount which is the Study Plan price paid less the standard $15 upgrade fee.

And as always, the purchase price of a Construction Review Set is deductible in the future from the price of the full construction orders (Blueprints, Erasable Vellums, and CAD Files) even if you switch to another design.

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3-20-09-se-2While we have no coupon to clip, we would like to say thank you to those who have purchased a Study Plan or Construction Review Set from us at any time even if it was 5 years ago! Based on the emails that we have been receiving, we know that many of you are on the verge of purchasing. We encourage you to start the planning process earlier rather than later when construction prices will begin to rise again.

Through the end of March 2009, when you place an order for Blueprints, Erasable Vellums, or CAD files, we will credit your order after it is placed through our shopping cart at DOUBLE the value of the highest priced Study Plan or Construction Review Set (CRS) that you have purchased from us of any plan. Since our highest priced CRS is $320 that would be a savings of $640, but even our lowest priced Study Plan at $60 would carry a $120 credit.

And the plan you purchase does not have to be the same as the Study Plan or Construction Review Set. Although the purchase price of a Construction Review Set will still continue to be deductible in the future from the price of the full construction orders (Blueprints, Erasable Vellums, and CAD Files), only through the end of March 2009 will the Study Plan price be credited.

Getting ready to have us make Custom Changes for you in the next few months? This offer would also apply to you since one part of the our invoice includes the blueprints/use of the base set of plans and of course includes 6 sets of blueprints after the changes are completed. (In addition to the savings of purchasing the higher priced CAD files for changes to be made by others, you now have an additional incentive for Sun Plans to make the Custom Changes.) We would like to mention though, that for the first time this past year when a client had endless changes to a pre-designed plan, we had our fees for one house match those of a custom design which averages 2-3% of construction cost. Our clients Charlotte and Rob did not complain since they certainly received a custom home, but I do like to mention that while often our Custom Changes are simple and quick, at other times they are not when the client is full of many ideas!

Click here for a free PDF CRS of Brighton Bungalow.

If you are considering a pre-designed plan, order the Construction Review Set early in order to get preliminary estimates to see if the house is within your budget. (If you later select a different plan, we allow you to transfer the credit.) With these review sets, builders should be able to estimate within about 10-15% compared to the full set of plans that come with the custom energy information.

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