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This response from our last newsletter got our attention:

“You all are missing the point.  The people who need and want passive solar want 900 to 1500 square feet!  Smaller is better.”

While all insight is valuable (keep the comments coming), and as our book points out on page 5:

“Homeowners minimize their impact on the earth by: Building Small” (that’s our number one item on the list!), we realized that we could do a better job of explaing the origination of the house designs on our web site.  Did you know that the house plans on the website began as a custom design for a real family? While do have plans as small as 1176 s.f. (not counting daylight basements), and two story homes with footprints as small as 945 s.f., the truth is that most of our clients ask for larger homes. While do try to right-size the home to their requirements and suggests ways to save on square footage, often it is simply not desired by the home owner who is our client. If you would like a small home, we would absolutely LOVE to work with you through our Create-A-SunPlan services!

Don’t have the time or patience for a custom design? Through Adapt-A-SunPlans we can adapt  a design for you and your climate, or even with Select-A-SunPlan, the Custom Energy Specs that are part of our services make any recommended changes for your climate.


We frequently receive questions from curious people wanting to learn more before committing to a passive solar house plan. This is perfectly normal!

I would like to learn more about the Brighton Bungalow and would like to review feedback from the owners.
We have an Open House of this plan that gives feedback from the owners as well as some in-depth information on the plan. However, we are not at liberty to give out client email addresses due to Sun Plans” promise to keep client emails, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. private.

My husband and I have a floor plan drawn out already, and were actually wondering how much it would cost to have you guys look at it and revise it before we have the draftsman draw it up?

We would be happy to take a look at what you and your husband have drawn up through our $495 Adapt-A-SunPlan consulting service. You may email us your ideas and drawings or send them through US mail. (The $495 covers a basic review, but if you need more consulting, we can provide it for additional fees.)

Are your plans suitable for my location, without modifications?

Sun Plans’ Custom Energy Specs that come with Construction Prints and CAD Files address the energy-related elements of not only the energy codes for the location, but recommendations which go beyond energy codes. While the amount of insulation recommended may vary, as well as the overhang length sometimes, the changes are usually so minor that they can be performed as “field changes” by the builder instead of detailed changes on the plans. Extra insulation may be recommended to be added to the exterior walls and occasionally rafter sizes may need to be increase to accommodate the additional insulation.

Visit Sun Plans’ FAQ to learn more.

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