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PD-panelized-masonry wood stove
In October, a modular version of the Prairie Dog 2 was set on the land and two months later the home owners moved in! 

If there is a modular company within 500 miles of your land , then consider the time and cost savings (estimated to be around 10%) of partial construction in a plant or factory.  Any SunPlan can take advantage of this.   Why not send a PDF version of a SunPlans Review Set for pricing from a modular company along with submitting one to your local builder. Perhaps they can jointly build your home for the best of both worlds.

All American Homes that serves the mid-west to the northeast constructed this home in Indiana by using the design and copyright release purchased from Sun Plans.  They modified the design to fit their personal construction methods and made a few other changes for the client at the same time such as adding a large masonry wood stove to replace some of the floor mass to store the sun’s heat.  The home was finished on-site by Easy Living Homes in Indiana and we thank them for sharing photos.  Read more about the Prairie Dog 2.

(As with all SunPlans, it is still recommended to hire a third party home energy rater to assure that proper attention is given to the energy detailing during construction as is found in our plans and specs, and then tested to prove the homes performance. Sun Plans’ clients find that the best builders actually encourage this third party verification.)


It’s only 16 square feet larger than the subdivision minimum, but the Sunny Dream contains everything that the home owners desire.  With an Energy Star HER’s (Home Energy Rating) of 52, the home is projected to use 52% of the energy of another new home of the same size built to energy code minimums.

This performance is typical for most Sun Plans where the home owners follow our Custom Energy Recommendations AND have field verification by a third party Home Energy Rater, not the builder. This is a requirement for Energy Star home certification.

The passive solar design, along with attention to insulation and HVAC design, provide these savings. Some home owners desire to reduce the purchased energy even further by adding active solar – hot water or photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Click here to view the Sunny Dreams plan.

Thanks Steve and Peggy for allowing me to take a personal tour of your home this summer!

Steve and Peggy are representative of the majority of our clients.  While they love showing off their homes to friends and family, and the occasional Create-A-SunPlan client who may live near by, they choose not to place their home on tours and share their contact info with our potential customers.  We have to place high priority on our clients wishes whether it be for an unusual floor plan layout during the design or respecting their privacy after they move in.

Enjoy the fall and maybe a solar tour!
Debbie Coleman, Architect, Sun Plans Inc.

(I apologize if you find this e-newsletter intrusive especially since we just sent one out last week.  We normally don’t send them so often, but to be honest, we forgot to add the important solar tour to our Fall Equinox newsletter. Thanks Green Suttles for pointing out that in our haste to send out the last e-newsletter on the Equinox, we also failed to change the subject from the last Summer Solstice e-newsletter. As always, feedback is welcome!)

6-21-09-ss-4Steve and Peggy currently living in NY have been diligent and delightful clients. Anchorage Builders will be constructing their home in NC and they have been equally pleased in working with Steve and Peggy over the past few planning months.

They started planning and designing months before construction and made a 1300 mile drive to meet with us in the initial review. (Most clients send us their info – site plan, photos, movies, wish lists, photos) by US mail and email.)

They had their finances in order, were realistic about changes that needed to be made to bring the house within budget, and attentive to details that home owners are most qualified to select. It’s easy to go the extra mile for those who appreciate the services of architects and builders.

Click here to see more upcoming plans.

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