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Although it’s terribly hot outside, owners of sun-inspired houses are staying cool – even in areas with really hot summers! Below, we share some comments from our really cool home owners!

Did you know that many of the sun-inspired design guidelines for letting in the winter sun, also keeps out the summer sun?

Through Feedback found on our web site footer, a visitor asked if we could designate which plans worked best in hot or cold climates. ¬†With the Custom Energy Specs that Sun Plans provides with orders of Construction Prints or CAD Files, it’s much easier than you might think to adapt a sun-inspired home to your climate. ¬†Read our response to her question in FAQ’s under the Solar and Energy section.

This Summer Solstice E-newsletter includes:

  • A summary of services that come with Sun Plans
  • The featured home, Chapel Ridge
  • Budgeting for a Sun Plan
  • “We’ve moved in!” Comments from new Sun Plans owners
  • A note about working with our CAD Files
  • New Sun Plans added to our website
  • Summer Specials: Free PDF’s to make unlimited copies and blueprints
  • Message from the architect – “A Leap of Faith”

We hope that you enjoy our long newsletter full of information as much as you do these long summer days full of sunlight.