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The following newly added house plans reflect common trends in both initial construction cost savings and long term energy cost savings as clients ask us to customize homes for them in which they can comfortably spend the rest of their lives. Building down instead of up, increasing exterior wall thickness, tucking the garage into the basement and including all of the main spaces that our client’s family will use daily on one level – or right-sizing the home for their needs. They also feature right-sized porches with a craftsman style exterior, but the sky is the limit when adapting one for you. These plans all happen to be north-facing.

Conservation Showhome

First Floor 1544 s.f.

Daylight Basement (Finished) 1236 s.f.

Basement (Unfinished) 284 s.f.

Porches 387 s.f.

Detached Carport 384 s.f.

Width 68′, Depth 39′

10% South Glass


Nature’s Corner

First Floor 1960 s.f.

Daylight Basement  Finished 1027 s.f.

Porches 498 s.f.

Basement Garage/Shop 905 s.f.

Width 64’, Depth 46’

8% South Glass


Aurora Lights

First Floor 2448 s.f.

Porches 480 s.f.

Finished Daylight Basement 1278 s.f.

Basement Garage / Workshop 960 s.f.

Width 80’, Depth 48’

10% South Glass


Apple Energy


First Floor 2496 s.f.

Porches 288 s.f.

Garage 960 s.f.

Attic/Bonus 816 s.f.

Width 80’, Depth 76’

9% South Glass


When Construction Prints or CAD Files are purchased, if they are over a year old, often minor updates are performed to meet the Sun Plans current in-house checklist.  Occasionally, we make even more substantial updates especially if the design is more than five years old. We believe that we are the only house plan company that performs these services. We also try to keep the website up-to-date with the newest photos and comments from our clients, so that you may see what they have to say about their own sun-inspired homes!

Sun Plans continuously strives to provide our clients the most up-to-date house plans and service – in addition to the energy-efficiency and passive solar design.

Thank you to Mark and Valerie, and Ruth and Doug for sending us the photos.

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